Monday, April 2, 2012

A Pillow Top For Fun

So after all my fiddling around and endless sashing of the Farmer's Wife quilt, I started a pillow top just for fun. This is inspired by a photo of a pillow over here.    Heather makes fabulous pillows. This one caught my eye on her design wall before Christmas.  My interpretation.  Really simple.  3" squares in lots of neutrally browns with a pop of green.  I made one like this for one of my buddies just before Christmas and I still had some of the squares cut.  It was pretty easy to get this one sewn together last evening.  I have not yet decided if it needs a border.  But for now, it clings to the design wall.  Untrimmed and unfinished but it did allow me to sew in my happy space.  Especially after a tough slog of farming all weekend!

Have a super lovely evening.  I am planning to RELAX after a super busy but really great day at school!

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