Monday, April 9, 2012

Just Three for April

Tracey is hosting a very doable link up.  Just Three.  That's it.  Just three quilting goals for April.  I can do this.

So what will it be?
1.  Finish my Farmer's Wife Quilt.  Doable. I sandwiched that puppy today after making the back.  All I need to do is quilt and bind.  Woo hoo!!!!
2. Sandwich, quilt and bind my Granny Squares quilt.  Again this should be straight forward and easy because the top is made.
3.  Attend my first Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  Squeal!  I am going to do it.  The meeting is next Thursday evening and I think that my school schedule will totally allow it.  I just have to drive to the next town over but this is totally, absolutely and completely doable!  And it is EXCITING!!!!

Just 3 button


  1. Those are so nice!! You are going to quilt them yourself? I'm too afraid to do that yet.

  2. You absolutely can do it and I know you will get a lot out of the Modern Quilt Guild Meeting - enjoy!

  3. these quilts are amazing! So beautiful... ♥

    Can't wait to see them finished, and have fun at the meeting! (you'll have to take your quilts to show off)