Monday, April 30, 2012

Some fabric came in the mail...

So I found a new online fabric store to try.  It is called Fishskin Fabrics and it is in Canada.  Even better, it is in British Columbia.  And they have a pretty nice selection of fabrics.  I needed some bits and pieces of Ruby for the quilt I am working on and they still had some in stock.  Fishskin will cut fat quarters from anything they have in stock and postage on fat quarters is free.  That is kind of cool if you are just ordering fat quarters.  Their shipping charges on yardage is very reasonable and their price per metre is also pretty good for Canada.  Win, win all round.

I was pretty happy to see that they had some Henna Garden by Sandi Henderson on sale too.  Now Henna Garden in leaf is pretty hard to find and I like it a lot.  I was worried that I would run out and then what?  They also had it in Raspberry.  Happiness.  Now I can continue to use and not hoard my supply.

The next great thing about Fishskin (and I am just saying this... no promotion here, just opinion), the fabric got to me in 4 days.  Happiness.  When I order from US online stores, it takes about 2 weeks because of the whole customs thing.  Just so you know, another Canadian option for those fabric nutters like me.


  1. love skipping the customs! How did you get them to cut fat quarters? Seems everything is listed by 1/2m...

  2. I like those swirly ones in the first photo but I really love that henna garden. It is such s nice print in such nice colours

  3. I live on Vancouver Island and was very happy to find Fishkin. Great service - she even included a hand written note, wishing me happy quilting.

  4. Nice bundle, I know Jill of Fishskin, she's in Prince Rupert. If you're ever looking for organic cotton in BC, go to and check out my blog. I simply email you a zipped file of my organic quilting cotton. All cotton is $12.50 per m. and I cut FQ's too! I sell from my studio!~
    Nice blog Cathy, I started following you recently, nice work on your modern quilts!