Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday's Flea Market Finds...

It was a busy morning but I did manage to squeeze in a garage sale and a thrift store.  At the garage sale I picked up 6 Johnson Brothers Olde English side plates.  So awesome!  I have a platter in the same pattern.  These made me quite delightfully happy at $4 for the 6 plates.  I didn't quibble about the price because it turns out that I know the garage sale person.  The joys of garage sale shopping in a small town!

Then I popped into the local thrift store.  I have not been there in ages and just like a magnet, I went straight to this Johnson Brothers serving bowl in pink.  Eeek!  It was priced at an extremely low $2 and when I took it to the cash, I found it out that the thrift store had a customer appreciation sale and everything in the store was half price.  More inner squealing occurred.  It is in perfect condition!

Some lovely vintage doilies wandered out of Mum's linen cupboard and came to live at my house.  So pretty!  Thanks, Mum!

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