Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  And I actually had some time this morning to finish the last little bit of connecting all the little blocks together!  And we have a quilt top.  This has been almost a year in the making and I really will be happy to have it completed.  Sashed with a pale yellow cotton which I repeated in the borders.  Tomorrow morning, I will take the time to make some decisions about the quilt back and get this puppy sandwiched.  I have selected the binding already.  It will be the same small green print that I used for the connections in the borders and the little cornerstones.    This has grown into a VERY large quilt!!!!!  I left it on the line for awhile.  It was quite breezy and the wind helped blow a lot of loose thread bits away.  I am most hopeful that those threads will find their way into some bird nests this spring.

In other quilt news, I will be putting together a baby quilt for clever son's lovely girlfriend to give as a gift.  Yellow, green and possibly monkeys was the request.  Sounds like fun!  And after such a big, beastly quilt, a baby quilt will be a dream!

Taking the time to admire the trilliums blooming in our big woods.  I have been stalking the plants for the last week and today these ones were wide open.  So lovely.

Linking up with Judy's design wall Monday because the Farmer's Wife quilt is the only thing on my design brain at the moment!


  1. Oh wow!!!! What a happy Easter for you!!! Gorgeous result of a year's hard labour! Love it and you must be over the moon to have reached this stage!

  2. Happy Easter from Departure Bay
    Wow the quilt turned out awesome.....I love it.

  3. Once again I have to say how amazed I am each time I check your blog and see what you've been up to. The Farmer's Wife is terrific. Please tell Hubby that I tried his Hot Cross Bun recipe yesterday and it was a hit with the whole family - even the ones who don't eat raisins!


  4. The quilt top is beautiful! Congratulations to you on your perseverance.

    The trilliums are beautiful, too, and just in time for Easter.

  5. The farmer's wife top you've completed is just gorgeous! Congrats on making it this far.

  6. Simply AMAZING! I have seen so many of these blocks in progress, but a finished quilt top is something else entirely. I can see why you let it hang on the line for a bit, after all that hard work you deserve a little time to just look and enjoy. Congratulations!
    As far as a new quilt maybe with monkey's, Bonnie Hunter has a great tutorial for a Monkey Wrench quilt that might work on several levels of meaning. It is on my someday list.

  7. This quilt is singing a wonderful spring song. Thanks for sharing. I'm eager to see it quilted.