Monday, June 18, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Well.  I put together a new blog header on the weekend using PicMonkey.  I have to say that it is easy to use and much fun.  Other than that, since most of Saturday was spent organizing fabric on the new wall of shelves, I did spend a little bit of time working on a mini quilt or two.  The end wall above the step stool is screaming for a mini quilt.  I put the block together and thought, mmm, I don't know.  More thinking on that one required and then I thought... SPOOLS!

So then I started making some spool blocks which are making me much happier.  I think that might be fun on that wall.  More blocks to make and it may have to wait for the weekend because I have a super busy week at school.  Only 8 more school days left!!!!!  The year has gone so quickly.

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  1. Cute spools - lots of summer sewing fun planned for you now -well nearly now!