Sunday, June 24, 2012

Design Wall....

I decided to use some of my very precious Flea Market Fancy, including some of my original FMF to make a mini quilt to go near my wall of fabric.  I also have a mini going on with some spools blocks but this came to me and I just had to go for it.  I took some strips of some of the FMF and stitched them together and then got cracking with some letters.  I used my new pattern from Elizabeth Hartman.  So much fun!  The letters are paper pieced using freezer paper.   I cut a few of the pieces for the A on the bias and it adds a certain "je ne sais quoi."  I like it!  I just cannot decide if I am going to hand quilt it or machine.  Hmmmmm.  That is why I let it sit and stew all day long.  I have the binding already to go and it is sandwiched too but...  Thinking time required!

oriental poppy in front of the barn
Have a lovely evening.  Linking up with Judy's Design Wall Monday!


  1. the colors are wonderful as usual
    your poppy is beautiful.

  2. The mini looks great:) I am still looking for a pattern for my FMF.

  3. I love this! What a fabulous mini quilt!

  4. that looks great! Perfect for that space. Love that poppy too!

  5. i went back and looked at your wall of fabric! I had a wall similar to that in my last house and I loved it because I could see all my fabrics at once. Now they're stuffed into the overflowing shelves in a small closet and I can't see half of what's there. It gets very frustrating at times and I really need to find a better solution. Love your "Stash" quilt!