Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flea Market Finds in a thunderstorm

The skies are darkening as we speak.  We are under an extreme thunderstorm advisory.  EEK!  

(5 hours later and we finally have the power back on!)  We did have a weather event.  Yoiks!  Husband was in the middle of making bread so you can imagine what happened with that.  We have some very strange looking buns!  With all that going on, I still have some little treasures to share.  I am a huge fan of Little Golden Books.  I still have several of my own from childhood.  Of course, they are veritable antiques now!  These two have been added to the shelf.  

Some fabric found its way home too, including some pillow ticking on the right.  The fabric on the left is decor weight and will be good for bags.  I also found 3 great pillow forms but they take a boring photo!

When we were at the veggie store this morning, I spied a garage sale sign.  Husband usually tries to distract me so I don't notice such signs but I had my garage sale spotting radar turned on full force.  I did find this lovely vintage sheet in green!  Green is a hard to come by colour!

Lady's Mantle in the garden this morning

Have a lovely weekend!  Linking up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds.  Do stop by and see all the fun finds!


  1. Golden books are wonderful with such lovely graphs and illustrations. I think the little girl on the Kindergarden books is a cutie. Would love for you to share more of your Golden books.

  2. Can't beat those little golden books for cuteness! Glad you survived the weather even if the bread not so much!

  3. I love old childrens books. Home made bread should never be perfect - as long as it still tasted good!

  4. Vintage children's books are the bees knees! I love your green vintage fabric find! I'm a sucker for a pretty vintage rose x

  5. The Eloise Wilkin illustrated Golden Books are the very cutest! I'm always on the lookout for them, they're hard to find around here!