Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On a Wednesday...

Today the sun was shining.  It was lovely to see it.  The energy at school was so completely different with so many happy children bouncing around with smiling, shiny faces.  You know it is the end of the school year when a countdown of days left appears in the staff room. 

I am without significant progress on my quilting works in progress.   The biggest work in progress was folding and filling my new awesome fabric shelves. And this is when I noticed a definite lack of orange in my stash.  I guess I am not drawn to orange.  But when I stopped in at my fabulous local quilt shop on the weekend, I found a stack with a bunch of Terrain for an amazing steal of a deal.  A whole bunch of half metre cuts all in a nice stack.  And the colours look pretty nice with the gorgeous peony that I took a picture of a few moments ago!

I am also still working away on the cross string blocks.

And a mini for the wall near the wall of fabric shelves.  I am also looking for a new quilt pattern to inspire me and help me with my lagging quilting mojo.   I think it is the time of the year and being SO busy at school.  With that said, Elizabeth Hartman is releasing a very cool pattern tomorrow that I am most excited about!!!

The blueberries are loaded but still quite green.  They are starting to plump up though!  Before you know it we will be picking endless berries!!!

Have a lovely Wednesday and Happy Summer!  Linking up with Work in Progress Wednesday!

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  1. the kids are out of school here good thing it is so hot. lovely prints on your fabric.
    love the roses they look like the beach roses.
    the birds and chipmunks are getting the best of my blueberries.