Sunday, June 3, 2012

On the design bed...

The wonderful thing about taking pictures of what you have on the go is that you are able to see what you need to move around.  I could see that I had way too many of the zowie green squares going on in one area but none in the rest.  An easy fix as I just rearranged the strips.  This quilt is all vintage sheet 4" squares.  They were leftovers from a vintage sheet picnic quilt.  This quilt is destined for the medical room bed at my school.  I was tired of the dingy scratchy blankets that we currently use.  I figure if one of my students is sick and waiting for a parent, they deserve better than a super scratchy blanket.  Super simple.  15 strips of 20 squares making it a nice 52" by 70".  I am going to use batting scraps and a vintage sheet for the back. I am sure that I have some big chunks of batting that I can stitch together to make it work.

Other than this project, Husband mowed all the lawns.  This was a huge feat as the rains have caused the grass to grow like stink.  While Husband attacked the grass, I attacked the flowerbeds.  I hauled massive quantities of "biomass" to the compost in the woods.  The buttercups have grown to Jurassic proportions and they love to grow where I do not want them.  I also had to beat back the California poppies and the Forget Me Nots.  They were threatening to take over the universe.

With all of this, I feel that huge tasks were accomplished.  Not just in quilting land but at home as well.  A good weekend!  Happy Diamond Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth.  It was fun to watch the flotilla on the Thames this morning during breakfast!

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  1. What nifty colors in your quilt! Very nice! I, too, would like to wish you all a happy Jubilee Week! Just watched the queen with her new window from the folks in the parliament... Have to confess this Minnesota girl is a royalty watcher. Enjoy the festivities!