Monday, June 11, 2012

The Wedding Quilt Block Tutorial

I thought it might be fun to have a really, really basic quilt block tutorial for "The Wedding Quilt."  I can now say that this worked really, really well for the bride and groom.  Many blocks were made by beginning or non-quilty people and it all turned out great!  Tomorrow, I am going to post some great extreme quilting photos of how non-quilty people tackled this!  Those photos are inspiring!!!!

Quilt blocks:
Some Basic Quilt Construction Info for Non-Quilters or Beginning Quilters:

11)  In order for the quilt blocks to finish at roughly the same size, it is important that you try to have as close to a quarter inch seam as possible on all of the seams in the quilt block.  A quarter inch seam is roughly a little less than your basic pressure foot on your sewing machine.  Try a small seam, measure it to see, and try your best to get a quarter inch seam.  You can do it!

   2) When cutting the strips for the block, be as careful as you can with the measurements of the pieces.  You may wish to make a paper pattern to use if you do not have quilting tools (a rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler) and are planning to use good old fashioned scissors. 

   3)  The fabric should be cut on straight of the grain.

Materials:  You will need a selection of  100% cotton quilting cotton.  You may choose to use 2 shades of one and 2 shades of another or may simplify the fabric choices with only 1 of each.  It is up to you how complicated you wish to make the block.  These sample colours are just samples.  Feel free to choose colours that are in these colour families but exact matches are not needed.  : )   Have fun when picking your colours and they can be prints.  They do not need to be solids.  Prints are often more fun.  For instance, we chose purple and green.  You could also pick just purples or just greens.  Your choice.

You may select quilter’s Fat Quarters when buying the fabric or by yardage.  You would buy 4 fat quarters if going that route.  2 fat quarters should do the trick if you are just using 2 colours.    If you are buying yardage, you will need no more than a 10 cm cut of each fabric if using 4 colours.  20 cm of each colour if using 2 colours. 

 Use a good quality thread. 

Cut your pieces carefully.  You do not have to prewash your fabric.

Supply list:
10 cm of colour a, b, c and d or 4 fat quarters in your colour choices.

Cutting Instructions:
You will need:
1.      Cut one of   4” x 4”  for the centre square Colour A
2.     Cut 2 of   2” x 4” strip  Colour B
3.     Cut 2 of 2” x 7” strip  Colour B
4.     Cut 2 of 2” x 7” strip  Colour C
5.     Cut 2 of 2” x 10” strip  Colour C
6.     Cut 2 of 2” x 10” strip  Colour D
7.     Cut 2 of 2” x 13’ strip  Colour D


Take your 4" square and pin a 4" strip on each of 2 sides of the square.  Right sides together.  Stitch a quarter inch seam on each side.  Important:  Press open all seams.

Take the 7” strips and pin them in place, right sides together and sew a quarter inch seam, enclosing the lavender square.  Press seams open.

Now take the 7” strips in colour C and pin them to the square, right sides together and sew with a quarter inch seam.  Press seams open.  You are well on your way
Take the 10” strips of the same colour and pin, sew and press.

You are almost there!  Take the final strips and pin the 10” strip to the block, pin, sew, and press.  Finally take the 13” strips and pin, sew and press.  Voila!  Your quilt block is done!

Your block should finish at close to 13” square. 

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  1. Cathy, just met you tonight at the FVMQG, as a new quilter this looks just right up my alley. I will be doing this block next. Thanks very much. Newbee Debbie