Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Extreme Quilting...

What does it look like when a non-quilty person, decides to make a quilt block for his sister, the bride?  This is Daughter's special someone having a go at quilting.  Have a look...

Measure twice, cut once!  Look at that cutting tool?  Rotary cutters are for wimps!  Kitchen cutting boards?  Why not?

 Press those seams open!

 Such concentration!!!!!

Finished!  Love the fish!  Extreme quilting at its best!  And this block is part of the wedding quilt.  Pretty sweet!


  1. Lovely! And all the fish are in the same direction, win, win.

  2. How cute is that - what a lovely brother! Kudos to him! Is he open to adoption - I always wanted a brother - mind you I am probably old enough to be his mum! LOL

  3. hahahha!!! Kitchen cutting board!? That's SOOOO awesome!