Monday, May 2, 2011


Ahhhh, look at these little guys! These are my friend's little lambs.  I took the photos the other evening when we were over to play cards.  The sheep are Ste. Croix sheep and are known for the fact that they have hair not wool so do not require shearing.  That is your interesting sheep fact for the day.  Who knew?  Hair or wool, what does it matter, lambs are just so darn cute.

And on the quilt front, I finally got my Sparkling Cider pattern by All Washed Up Quilts. Husband had checked the mail and there was nothing but I was so hoping for the pattern to arrive that a second trip to the mailbox was required.  I am obviously obsessed.  The pattern asks for a Quilt in A Day Flying Geese ruler which I do not have.  I am going to use their method without the ruler to see if it works because I do not know how easy it will be to find that ruler up here in Canada land.  I did spend some time watching some online videos of the technique.  Interesting.  Very Interesting.

Voting day here in Canada.  We will all be glued to the TV later this evening as the results come in.  Have a super rest of your Monday!

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