Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

It was finally a glorious sunny day.  Husband and I were off to the Big City to see son and his lovely girlfriend.  They have just moved in to a stunning new apartment and there were birthdays to celebrate.

Fairly awesome view from their living room window
On the way back home, we had time for a brief stop at a fairly awesome fabric store as I needed some Kona cotton for a project.  I was debating and waffling with a stack of lovely cottons when in front of me, stood Husband.  Husband does not enter fabric stores.  I almost needed a paramedic.  Quick recovery however, and I enlisted his colour input.  Kona Daffodil was the choice.  Nice!  We actually agreed.  The fairly awesome fabric store handed me an invitation to their customer appreciation sale.  How very snazzy.  And for those of you living in the lower mainland of B.C., that is Fabricana and the sale is on May 13.
Kona daffodil with daffodils

I have been spending quality time with my stitch ripper while making the card trick blocks.  I had missed a somewhat important step of trimming the blocks to 4 1/4" after putting triangles together.  Even though the trimming is slight, it totally makes a difference when putting the squares together.  Big duh on that one.  I am still not totally pleased with the points. It will probably take making all the blocks and then the last block will be the one where I finally get it right.

And finally, Husband and I got some seeds in the garden and popped the parsley, and broccoli transplants in.  Still too cool for many things but it is a start.

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