Friday, May 20, 2011

Quilting Road Trip...

Special ruler to assist me in making my Sparkling Cider quilt.

It sounds much more impressive if I say that I dragged Husband on a quilting road trip this morning.  I had a rare day off from school as we are very happy to have a 4 day weekend.  I had to go and pick up a special ruler that I had ordered from a fairly snazzy quilt shop 2 towns over.  It is quite a nice shop way out in the country and they do quite a mail order business.  This is unusual for a Canadian quilt shop.  We have not caught up to the crazy online fabric shopping like our American neighbours.  Of course, if I am picking up a ruler in a quilt shop, I have to look at the fabric, right?  Of course, I do!!!!  I managed to contain myself quite nicely but did pick up some bundles of fabric samples.

I am not sure if you recognize this line but this is Sandy Gervais's new fall line, Grand Finale for Moda, and I saw pictures of this from some Quilt Market posts in blogland and this line is not available until next Fall.  How totally cool is that?  I like the little gingham-y bits.

And a lovely floral from Lecien.  PRETTY!

And this is a mystery but I like it!  Very pink.  Husband was not a fan.

Here is the funny thing though.  Right next to the quilt shop was a farm and on that farm there was a cheese shop.  We had to check it out.  Smits and Co.W Farm Cheese.  Oh my goodness.  It is fabulous cheese.  If you like Gouda, this is the place to go.  All different kinds of really tasty spiced Gouda cheeses.   Really interesting ones like Stinging Nettle, Black Pepper, Cumin.  Totally yummy and very, very reasonable.  Now Husband has a reason to go to the quilt shop.  It is all about the cheese!

I also convinced him to stop for me at a thrift shop.  Why not, right? But I will save that for tomorrow!  Have a lovely weekend!!!!

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  1. wow! Ilike your choices - very pretty - and your husband came too! Lucky you!