Friday, May 27, 2011

work in progress... top secret quilt

Here are the first sneak peaks of the super top secret project that required decoy projects.  This quilt was totally on a need to know basis.  Cone of silence.  Because it is none other than a graduation gift for our girl.  Daughter is a fan of sunflowers.  She has always loved them.  Husband painted sunflowers on her door when she was a little squeak.  I made her dresses from sunflower fabric.  We planted sunflowers for her.  She still asks if we have planted sunflowers.  So here is the beginning of her sunflower kitchen window quilt.

I had a lot of sunflower prints.  Many were leftovers from little girl sundresses from years gone by.  I also bought some beautiful new sunflower prints to round out the selection.  There is also a print that is reminiscent of sunflower seeds.  It helped ground the florals.  The modern sunflower prints helped make the quilt more up to date.  At least I think so.  Several of the prints were fussy cut to really show them off.  The frames are Kona black and do you think I can remember which yellow I bought?  Nope, cannot remember.   I really like it because it shouts that it is Daughter's quilt.  It shouts it from the roof tops.  Husband likes it too.  He loves high contrast fabrics in a quilt.  This one is definitely high contrast!

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  1. What a gorgeous quilt and what a lucky daughter. I think it looks great and the fabrics work so well together!