Thursday, May 26, 2011

a quilt story continues

The funny thing is... I work full time.  I fit in the quilting around my work life and so most often, my quilting happens on the weekend.  I started a project a while ago but I had to keep it top secret.  I started a decoy quilt so that I could still have some stuff to blog about.  That decoy quilt is the Card tricks quilt or Clovers by Figtree quilts.  I have not progressed much with it so it is officially a work in progress.  I also made my Mum her table cover and I finished the French Roses quilt.  And I started the Sparkling Cider Vintage Sheet quilt too.  I guess I was pretty busy.  Because all the while I was working on another quilt.

I needed a solid. And Husband helped me pick it out.  I also need a lot of black.  Kona black to exact.  I was making a quilt from A Practical Guide to Modern Patchwork.  Elizabeth Hartman's fabulous book.  if you have not seen it or if you do not own it, this is a book that is a must have.  It has such fabulous information in it and great quilt designs.  I decided to make the kitchen window quilt.  So cool.  I cannot wait to show it off.  Stay tuned!

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