Sunday, May 15, 2011

working away...

So mum asked for a table cover for her vintage Ikea round table on the back deck.  (Can IKEA be vintage?)  Mum gave me some fabric but I didn't like them so I pulled an assortment from the stash and got busy.  I decided on 5" squares and 5" x 10" rectangles.  It feels right.  Check it out.

This is the start of it all on the "design bed."  Okay.  So how does one turn a rectangle into a circle.  You ask Husband to make you a giant paper circle pattern with a diameter of 39"  with an extra 8" for the drop.  Actually, first you ask for a 36" circle with an extra 8" for the drop because you didn't write down what your mother said and you almost mess up.  Anyway... Husband was most helpful and made a giant paper circle.  This morning, I added the extra 3" all the way around.  It is just a darn good thing that I waited to cut the circle and checked with Mum again before cutting.  Phew!

This was a fun little project that is just waiting for me to hand sew the binding.  I am going to write up a quick little tutorial for it and will post it in a day or two.  I just happened to find the perfect sheet at the thrift store on Saturday for the back and binding.  A king size red plaid sheet for $1.75.  Snazzy!

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