Friday, May 13, 2011

we're back in blogland!

Blogger was showing as unavailable and having technical difficulties.  That’s not good!  I have been very busy this week but not with a lot of sewing!  School life has a way having peaks and valleys of busy and once the end of the school year starts to roll around, the busy is always peaking.

Each year our school district honours our Aboriginal students with a dinner and presentation of certificates of achievement for each student.  It is a lovely celebration of the students.  The grandparents and great-grandparents come out and the babies too.  The little ones watch the Grade 12s who are graduating be blanketed and honoured.  The students going to middle school are honoured with a paddle to help them on their way.  Aboriginal tradition is an oral tradition where stories are passed down from person to person.  In order to help with the passing on of stories, people are entrusted to do the work and bear witness to the event.  I have been honoured for several years now, to do the work of a witness to the event.  This year, I was even called upon to say some words to the graduating Grade 12s.  Wow!  And what is more, just to talk a little bit more about school, I am proud to say that the graduation rates for Aboriginal students in our school district are higher than the provincial average Aboriginal Graduation rates.  Collectively, we are doing very good work and that is a good thing!

But back to quilting, Mum has asked me to make a table cover for the table on her deck.  Hmmm.  She asked me a while ago so I better get cracking.  Summer is coming.  I have pulled some fabric.  Some of the pile is vintage, some retro feedsack prints and some other stuff.   My thinking is 5” squares alternating with 5” by 10” rectangles.  Easy peasy.  But here is my question.  I cannot see putting batting in a table cover.  Won’t the batting make the table cover too stiff????  I am thinking that I sandwich the top and bottom with a sheet or something of a similar weight.  Thoughts?

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