Thursday, May 5, 2011

work in progress, work in progress...

Oh, I have been working away hand quilting this quilt.  And I am so getting there.  It is a pretty pattern and once all the quilting is finished and the quilt is bound, you throw it in the wash for the edges of the applique to get all fuzzy.   The technical term is "soft edge applique."  Now you know.

I must say that I got the most wonderful, fabulous Mother's Day gift in the mail.  My baby sent her graduation photos.  It is just such a great achievement when your children finish university.  We will enjoy watching her walk across the stage this month and we could not be more proud!  I phoned her to let her know the package had arrived and that her card made me teary.  She thought I was silly but then I told her that I was tired after a whole day of an elementary school track meet in the pouring rain and that is why I was teary.  She accepted that explanation but it was really because I am just filled with pride and happiness that she is ready to be let loose on the world!  Love you, sweetie!  Who would have guessed that the tiny little ball of fire with the Fisher Price stethoscope always around her neck, would now be a registered nurse!  Wahoo!


  1. What a gorgeous quilt - love the pattern! And congratulations to you and your daughter. How wonderful!!! I don't I don't blame you for being proud!

  2. Congratulations to your DD on her wonderful achievement and I agree, pictures always make the perfect gift!
    Also looking forward to seeing the quilt all 'fluffy' I think it will be stunning!