Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garage sale season

I have been anticipating a certain church garage sale.  It usually is quite the thing and even Husband has been known to get excited about purchases there.  Off we went this morning and I must say it was a tad disappointing but I did find a few things and Husband found a plant.  Last year, I really scooped some awesome treasures like this Carlton Ware Australian Design toast rack for a mere 50 cents.  Ya, for real!

Carlton Ware toast rack

But today the finds were much more modest.  Some vintage sheets.  Especially one with blue daisies.  Vintage sheets with blue are harder to find it seems.  I also found a wicker laundry basket in great shape.  Destined to be piled with fabric no doubt.  And while at the lineup to pay, several other shoppers wondered why they had missed seeing the basket.  It also proved handy for piling the loot.  I found an envelope with embroidery patterns.  Very vintage.  And I did find some baking pans and pie plates but spared you a photo.  Husband thinks I have a strange thing going on with pie plates.  His message is essentially that I can stop now.  The world has quite enough of them.  I will put them aside for nursey daughter.

Lovely basket and sheets

close up in the sunshine

Husband's plant
The plant is in a sunflower pot.  Very cute.  Daughter adores sunflowers.  It might just find its way to her once she settles into an apartment.

Happy weekend!  And I will link this to Sophie's Flea Market Finds .  Be sure to check out the treasures other people have found this past week.


  1. i'm sure that hot iron vintage envelope set amongst your forget-me-nots... 't is a stunner of an image.
    iron on... patterns?
    handy! i think.

  2. Still a nice lot of treasures despite a lack of Carltonware bargains!

  3. I think the sheets, particularly are becoming rarer than the, fabulous finds. I only seem to find yellows.

  4. That toast rack is awesome. I love yard sales too: here's proof, my latest newspaper column ... hee, hee ...