Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello!? A duck in the fireplace????

On Saturday morning, whilst enjoying a weekend coffee with Husband, there was a loud noise in the chimney of the fireplace.  A fluttering and a flopping.  Husband went outside the house to see if he could see the source of the noise.  Nothing to be seen.  Husband opened the damper but left the doors of the fireplace closed and we went out for our regular Saturday shopping adventures.  When we returned, I was attempting to take some photos of some thrift store loot when I heard loud flapping and carrying on... this time right in the fireplace.  I screamed and behaved badly because all I could think of were BATS!  Husband hollered for a flashlight and I managed that despite freaking out all over the place.  He announced that there was a large bird in the fireplace.  A LARGE BIRD!!???  He called for gloves.  I managed that too but was still freaking out because I am a big sissy and I was worried the bird would be injured.  I am really bad that way.  Husband gave instructions as he didn't want the large bird to go flapping around the living room so I had to assist.  And this is what we found... a perfectly lovely female wood duck.  I managed to have my wits together enough to take a picture before Husband let her go.  She flew strongly across the yard and out over the golf course.  I love the white around her eyes.  And yes, our property does back onto a large pond and wetland and there are wood ducks there.  Hopefully she will find a more suitable nesting place.  Not a chimney.  Big oops!

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  1. Awwww, so glad she was all right. My mom is a bird watcher and nature photographer as a hobby and wood ducks are her favourite ducks. Btw, I love how you tagged your post with "duck in the fireplace" ... just so you'll have a category all made in case it happens again ;-)