Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ready to quilt...

The jelly roll quilt is ready to go.  I am still debating the quilting aspect though.  I am a little bored of stippling so I will be thinking about a method of straight line that will still work with this type of block.  I did piece the back with a leftover block, then some of the prints and then a snazzy thrift store sheet.

I have the string pieced blocks on the go.  I think I have made about 30 blocks so am half way there.  They go together quickly but strangely enough the box of scraps does not seem to be diminishing.  It is like a bottomless magic pot.  I think I had a children's book like that.  Tina and the Magic Pot.

I am back to school this evening for the opening night of the dramatic event, "Follow that Rabbit," an Alice in Wonderland play.  Most exciting!

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  1. This quilt looks lovely and I agree with you about scraps - I think they breed when we are not looking .........