Thursday, April 7, 2011

Glorious sunshine!

Okay!  Today really feels like spring!  I threw the blocks from the Jelly Filled quilt on the "design bed" last evening.  Trying to get a sense of what this will look like.  Using a jelly roll is an interesting experience because inevitably there will be some fabrics in the line that do not speak to you.  So there are some blocks that I am kind of... okay, well.  Of course, the convenience of the precut roll is an advantage.  I think this quilt will come together once the borders are in place.  I was going to use the honey bun in the same line for the first border but seeing the blocks together makes me want to go towards a solid for the first narrow border in order to pull the quilt together.  Then I will use the Hunky Dory blue vines for the larger border.  That's the current plan anyway...

And just to celebrate the bursting spring.  Primroses under the nut trees and wild huckleberries in bloom.

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