Friday, April 8, 2011


I have another thing to put on the list of things that are potentially harmful to one's marriage.  I already was fully aware that income tax completion and moving furniture were definitely on the list of things that could do in a marriage.  I will now officially add installing window blinds to that list.  Absolutely and totally not good for marriage.  Husband and I did successfully install a lovely wooden window blind in one of the living room windows.  It looks lovely.  We are still married.

Aside from that it was yet another glorious spring day.  I managed to sew the blocks of my Hunky Dory jelly roll quilt together and now that they are all co-mingling together, I am much more fond of the whole shebang.  Husband liked it too!  I had him help me pick the solid for the inner border.  He is just so good at that.  And here are the border choices.  A solid blue something or other from the local quilt shop and Hunky Dory blue vines.  I think it will be great!

And I found a fabulous sheet to use for the back.  It has the perfect vibe.  (And it is really green on white but for some reason my photo looks pinkish.  What?)

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