Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Found some good quilting cotton at the thrift store this morning.  3 metres of tone on tone cream quilt backing was quite a lovely find.  A light green print from Henry Glass fabrics.  I think there are about 3 metres there as well.  Another print from Henry Glass... the red plaid.  Some stripes.  And the Disney print is to make Daughter a scrub top.  Making scrub tops is just like making doll clothes but a little bigger.  Daughter doesn't mind if I use rick rack and have fun.

Although I was a bit of a farmer today, what with waiting for a giant delivery of manure for the garden and helping Husband burn all the blueberry prunings, I did have time for sewing.  I finished the jelly roll quilt top complete with borders and prepared the back so tomorrow, should I feel so inclined, I will sandwich and spray baste it.  Secondly, I found a great tutorial here for making paper pieced string blocks.  Be still my beating heart.  Finally something that makes me want to use my scraps.  I grabbed a stack of paper from the printer and cut the paper to 8 1/2" blocks with a fold on the diagonal.  I grabbed my bags of scraps and found all the strips and made strips from bigger scraps.  The strips range from narrow, at a little less than an inch to 2 1/2".  I did not adjust my stitch length for the first block and it was difficult to tear the paper away.  Curses.  I did make the stitch length smaller the next time around and it was much easier to tear the paper away but not super easy still.  I am using fairly good quality paper.  I think it would be better to use cheap, thin stuff.  The tutorial from Film in the Fridge, even suggests that some people may use pages from a phone book.  Go figure!?

block before squaring up, still with paper
woo hoo!  paper pieced scrap string block

We never have any phone books in the house because Husband always recycles them.  He is thinking, and rightly so, that phone books are old school.  When is the last time you actually looked up a number in the phone book?  We always use the computer. I suppose you could use catalogue pages too.   Oh wait.  Those were recycled too.

And I have forgotten to mention our record golf ball harvest from last weekend.  In one small area where we have made a new flower bed along the fence, we found 12!  Yep!  12 golf balls.  Crazy!

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