Sunday, April 17, 2011

I've joined the club...DS Quilts! Yum!

 Oh Man!  Look what I found!!!  Many thanks to Christina, who tipped me off that she did find the Denyse Schmidt fabric at Jo-Ann's in Bellingham, Washington.  Wahoo!  Off I went this morning!  The US border guards didn't know what to make of the my slightly deranged fabric questing expression.  I bee-lined it for Jo-Anns.  I must say that Jo-Ann's is not the best fabric shopping experience to say the least, but I found the display of DS fabric right away.  Not every fabric from the line was there.  None of the yellow and missing the red tiles.  At first the green and blue dots were also missing but I found them misfiled elsewhere later.  I didn't buy each piece of the lines.  Just the ones I really, really liked.  And I am just so happy to have it and I am sure that Husband thinks I need an intervention.  :  )

And I found some Farmdale too.  I might have to make a quilt for the chickens!  Husband is sure he will come to see that I have quilted the house.


  1. That is so funny that you drove to another country to get your hands on the DS fabrics. I am in Australia and couldn't wait for it to get to our shores. I got my fix from Etsy. Yay for DS fabrics!!

  2. Ya!!!! You picked the prettiest prints:)