Monday, April 4, 2011

couple of things...

Husband took this glorious spring picture the other day and then the skies opened and we have had cold, cold rain since.  Even snow not far up in the hills!  Yoiks!!!!  Everything is greening up and looking springy though in the yard!

Webster loves his new quilt/bed thing.  I stuffed a pillow made from an old sheet and we were away to the races.  Doesn't he look content?!

And finally, I started a new quilt.  Trying to use up some stash.  I had a Hunky Dory jelly roll from a sale last fall.  I am using the Jelly Filled pattern again just because I like it and that is what matters.  I am feeling just a little bit hesitant to say that because of the giant debate that seems to be ongoing on some quilt blogs.  Simple quilts are just great if that is what makes you happy.  And this pattern makes me very happy.  Pictures of that project tomorrow.  Husband and I were at the dentist after work today so pictures will have to wait.  No cavities, Mum!  Happy Monday!!!!


  1. The photo is gorgeous and Webster looks very contented and a big BAH HUMBUG to all the quilt snobs out there who are worried about the dumbing down of quilters. Sew what you like and for who you like and if anyone complains that your patterns are too "simple" let them use a doona! I am looking forward to seeing your photo! Happy stitching - that's what counts!

  2. wow you have a beautiful yard! Webster totally loves his bed, cute! I agree why do people even care what other people sew, I mean if you don't like what they are doing, shut your browser window.
    Anyways on another note, I totally missed that quilt show on the weekend, I had to work. But you totally found some really great stuff. I wish they were doing the shop hop again:(
    Can't wait to see what your working on. I love hunky dory and I don't know the pattern you mentioned but I do have some jelly rolls I need to use up.