Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter thrift store finds!

Husband suggested that I find myself a plant as an Easter present.  I suggested perhaps something at the thrift store would make me happy.  Look what I found!!!!  A lovely vintage bread tin.  It won't have bread in it.  I will stuff it full of fabric to be sure!

And some lovely vintage sheets complete with pillow cases...

And another vintage sheet along with some blanket binding.  The blanket binding comes complete with matching thread on little wooden spools.  I have a thing for blanket binding. Mum actually found the binding in a bin and passed it over to me.  She knows I have a thing for blanket binding!

And Mum found a vintage pillow case at her thrift store and bought it for me.  The stack of sheets is growing!

It is an absolutely gorgeous day and the golf course across the way is very busy.  So far  5 golf balls harvested in the field.  Not at all close to the record harvest of 12 golf balls from a bit ago.

Happy Weekend!

I will be linking up to Sophie's Flea Market finds .  Check it out!


  1. Great finds - love the tin! Happy Easter in deed

  2. You found some nice vintage linens! The vintage bread tin is also very cool.

  3. I love all your treasures! Especially, the vintage bread tin. So lovely in floral.

  4. i'm sure i've never heard of blanket binding, but i can imagine what it's used for... and the tin looks just right!

  5. That bread basket is a stunner, I love it. So pretty.

  6. I love that red vintagey. Anything with pink roses is beautiful in my eye. Great finds.