Thursday, April 28, 2011

on a cold Thursday...

I am messing around trying to make the perfect label for my quilts.  I have used the tutorial available here and I have tried using the fabric pieces that you can run through your printer.  That worked just fine but I really don't like the texture of the fabric.  It is really very stiff.  Using the tutorial above from Patchwork Pottery, your labels come out okay and you then iron them on to twill tape but then you have a label that has that plastic-y sort of texture like when you iron something onto a t-shirt.  Okay, but kind of, well, ewww.  I have not yet found a place to have labels printed up here in Canada.  If anyone knows of a place, please holler.  Or even holler if you have successfully ordered labels from the U.S.

I made a little care tag for the baby quilt because it was being given to son's girlfriend's friend.  It made me happy.

And this also makes me happy.  I was sitting here with the laptop and heard our wee friend swoop in for a landing and a sugary snack.  I had the camera and I actually got a picture before the little hummingpiggy took off.  Cute, or what????


  1. You should order them from,
    I am part of the label crew and I get one with my name on it every month, but you can also order a stack. It is a great price and I just love them. They ship to Canada for a great cost too.

  2. There is a great tutorial for quilt care labels here: She shows how you can print them yourself, but you could also order pre-printed fabric from Spoonflower.