Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Friday!

Having a lovely four day weekend.  And the sun is shining splendidly!  Mum arrived at lunch and we scooted over to Fabricland because batting was 50% off.  I bought a whack of batting at the after Christmas sales but I am almost out and we just cannot have that!!!!  The funny thing was that as I was cruising through the store to the batting, I saw a lady carrying a bolt of Sandi Henderson's Meadowsweet 2... the daisy path in robin's egg to be exact!  What?  At Fabricland????  I politely asked the lady where she had found it and we had a lovely conversation while I fell over at the sight of Henna Garden and more!  This was totally surprising to me as Fabricland has only ever carried some Alexander Henry fabrics aside from their own lines.  It is just like what it happening at Jo-Ann's.  More designer quilting cottons available!  And be still my beating heart because if you are a Fabric club member, these lovely fabrics are a mere $9 a metre.  They had to come home with me.  Not a lot, just a little.  What a find!

This morning I finished the blocks for the baby quilt and sewed the top together.  Baby quilts just go together so quickly.  I found a piece of batting from the leftover pile that was just the right size, sandwiched the whole thing together and will get started on the quilting so that I can deliver the finished product on Sunday when the clan is gathering for Easter dinner.  (World record for longest sentence!)

Have a lovely rest of the day!

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