Tuesday, April 5, 2011

quilt in the works...

As I mentioned yesterday, I have started a quilt using a jelly roll.  Moda's Hunky Dory to be exact.  And funny coincidences because Krista over at Poppyprint is talking about a Hunky Dory jelly roll quilt today.  How strange is that?  And I am using the pattern Jelly Filled by Thimble Blossoms.

It is a really fun pattern and makes great use of a jelly roll.  I made up all the blocks in one afternoon after having cut the strips the day before.  The instructions say to be careful with the cutting because there will be little waste.  Check out the wee pile of leftovers below.  Not so very much!  I will sew the blocks together on the weekend and add the borders etc.  I have some yardage in the line that I ordered a bit ago but I also have a Hunky Dory Honeybun  and I do believe I will make use of that for the inner border-making it scrappy and I think I might even use it for the binding.  Even though it will be a narrower binding than I usually use.  Just thinking about that.  Too much fun!

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  1. I love to pick up those jelly rolls in the shops and imagining the quilt I would make. Just touching them seems to derive so much pleasure. One day when I get some time I will make one. I like the pinks and greens of yours. Lovely and fresh. WHen you have finished yours and I see how wonderful it is, I might start mine.