Wednesday, April 6, 2011


As I sit here, I am watching a hummingbird at the feeder outside the dining room window!  I mentioned to Husband the other day that a friend had noticed that the wee hummingbirds might be back.  So clever Husband put the feeders out a few days ago.  They are funny little guys!  Husband thought he heard their buzzing around yesterday but today was the first official sighting and now, as I sit here, the little piggy is feasting at the feeder.  It is lovely to see them back.

And they might be very well enjoying the flowers on this lily of the valley bush!  Which reminds me of the beautiful Martha Negley prints featured in today's Pink Chalk newsletter!  Wow!  Talk about lovely!!!

Pretty?  Martha Negley's roses

And I have 2 new patterns to share with you.  I have picked these up over the past while.

 From Fig Tree.  She calls it clovers but it is traditionally known as Card Tricks.  And this pattern is charm pack friendly.  I am really looking forward to trying this pattern.

And this one is just plain fun!  Love the bright colours in the picture and apparently this pattern is layer cake friendly.  Snazzy!  And my new ironing board cover is the backdrop for these pictures.  Happiness really is a new ironing board cover!!!!

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