Saturday, June 25, 2011

Farmer's Wife first blocks and a quilt sandwich

Block #32  Farmer's Daughter

Block #74  Ribbons

Okay.  So far so good sort of.  The Ribbons block came out smaller than the Farmer's Daughter block even though I think I was very true to the little itty bitty templates.  There is a great tips thread that Angela at Fussy Cut alerted readers to for the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along.  In this tip thread, I found that a saintly quilter had combined all the templates onto 15 pages.  What a relief.  The author of the book has the templates on a page each all by themselves.  Hello?  What?  Talk about not being kind to trees, never mind how long it would take to print each separate page!  The tip thread has a great discussion about some of the issues around block size. I am going to try remaking the ribbons block to see if I can get it more the size it should be and then go from there.  The Farmer's Daughter square is perfect at 6.5" unfinished.  Ribbons came out at 6" unfinished.  Ya, darn it.  Several quilters suggested just adding a wee border to the whacky sized blocks but I want to try to get it right.

 Fresh Flowers quilt is now a sandwich.  I found this pale green Henry Glass print in the stash.  It was a thrift store buy and was an awesome steal if I remember correctly.  I have a lot of it... probably enough for 2 quilt backs at least.  I pieced the back with some leftovers from the top in a simple scrap happy stripe and I will quilt this baby tomorrow.  But only after I drag Husband to a garage sale that might just be a good one!

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