Monday, June 6, 2011

Hockey Buddy Time

I have to hurry up with this blog post as Husband needs me to be his hockey buddy!  Canucks in Boston!!!  Woohoo!  I was busy with my blog the other night and missed the overtime goal.  Cannot have that tonight!!!

I tried to upload some pictures of my small sparkling cider vintage sheet blocks but there is a message from Blogger saying that uploads may be difficult because of some maintenance!  BAH HUMBUG!

So what do I have to say.  Just that I am making progress.  I find it a challenge to have enough contrast in the blocks because I am using sheets but the pattern is a snap to use.  I am trying to keep the colour palette in the pink and yellows but with a touch of green.  I have lots of blue sheets but I want to devote a quilt just to those colours in the future.  I must say that using sheets is messy but if you mess up cutting them, you have so much more to play with!  My sewing table is a huge mess with piles of sheet fat quarters and bits and pieces everywhere.  I am tending to cut a few blocks at a time to really pick the colours and patterns as I go.

Husband had a lovely summer meal prepared with the back deck table set with flowers and a table cloth.  So sweet.  Another sunny day and the flowers are just bursting with the heat.  We walked through the blueberries and the scent of their flowers is just so wonderful.  In a way, it is similar to lilac.

And I will try adding pics later this evening when blogger gets over itself.  Have a lovely Monday!

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