Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garage sale and thrift store booty

Well, Mum was up for Daughter's graduation and brought me a few boxes of her recent finds for me.  Some LOVELY vintage pillow cases.  Love them.  Totally required for my vintage sheet work in progress.  The green butterfly pillow cases will really help round out the colours.  Then the yellow rose sheets.  Totally gorgeous and not faded.  I was kicking my heels in delight when I pulled those out of the box.  And check out the crocheted squares.  I am getting so many of this type of thing that I am really needing an inspiration.

Mum also brought me several lengths of quilting cotton that she has picked up here and there at garage sales and so on for CHEAP!  Thanks Mum!!!!  There was also a box full of scraps and bits and pieces that she bought for $1 from a lady who used to own a quilt shop.  Lots of hexies ready to go and all sorts of other scraps.  It will be fun to go through the whole mess of it.

Happy Wednesday and happy game day for those of you who are watching hockey!


  1. some great finds! I think that i need to start doing more garage sale-ing (or is it sailing? lol)


  2. Reading blogs has given me wonderful ideas of what to do with vintage linens. My grandmother had a huge collection and my mother and I haven't known what to do with them. Now I have a few ideas.

    What do you think you'll do with the crocheted squares?