Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quilt show... some favourites to share

 Some absolutely stunning quilts at the Quilts in the Valley in Abbotsford this weekend.  This quilt won a ribbon for group work. Striking!  The roses were machine blanket stitched after being attached to the backing fabric with fusible web.  Wow!
 Little, itty bitty hexies!
 Loved this one.  Overgrown.  It was really amazing close up... detailed and interesting with the wonky log cabin background.

 Precise, fine handquilting on linen squares.  This was just fabulous work.
 One of the featured quilters was Wendy Lewington, a local artist and quilter.  Her quilts make quite a political statement and there was a series on women.  I think it was from a series called "Work, work, work."  So the clocks, the laundry, the apron taking flight.  Wonderful.

It is really interesting to see the work of so many different quilters.  Most inspiring.  It was also fun to bump into people and have a wee visit!  I did not however, find a quilt with a moose.  Happy weekend!

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