Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Using up the scraps... backwards thinking

Here is a reverse approach.  I cut up a bunch of the Fresh Flowers fabric to make a quilt.  I have not started the quilt but I have all the lovely little piles of neatly cut fabric ready to go and a pile of scraps.  I have not started the quilt.  Instead I started to use the scraps.  Backwards thinking.

While Husband was stressing through last night's BAD hockey game, I sewed.  First of all I finished up the last blocks for my vintage sheet quilt.  Just have to sew that puppy together.  And then I put together a few paper pieced string blocks using the scraps of Fresh Flowers.  Pillow top in the making.  Not bad.  Still have to fiddle with the placing of the one white strip to give it the correct alignment.  I was piecing on the fly though.  Still in my backwards thinking mode, I looked up a tutorial after I had sewed the 4 blocks and put them together.  We will just call this Backwards Fresh Flowers.  I'm good with that.

Happy Tuesday!  Big hugs to you, Daughter.

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