Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

 So Blogger is allowing me to upload photos today.  Here they are!  The California poppies are in full force under the nut tree and the blueberries are just beyond.  And below are a few of the small vintage sheet blocks for one of my works in progress!  As I said before, having enough contrast is the biggest challenge when working with vintage sheets.  When these blocks are finished with the sashing they will pop more and not blend into one another so much.  I just threw them on the "design bed"  to show that despite all the gardening and other things going on , that I have actually done some sewing!

and the azaleas are blooming...

Have a lovely Tuesday evening.  Here's hoping that life slows down soon with the school year wrapping up.  It seems I am flying around from meeting to meeting these last few weeks.

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  1. Your garden is beautiful! I can't wait to see the end result of your vintage sheet quilt.
    Do you sell the blueberries?