Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flea Market Finds on a sunny day...

With trips to the thrift store, a garage sale and a flea market, I found some good stuff this weekend.  First off, some vintage sheets.  Very exciting.  With good colour range too, including the really snazzy brown floral!

And some fabric.  Almost a meter of a pretty floral for only $2!  Not too bad at all.

I love this type of vintage print.  The print is called Garden Steps and is in lovely shape.  I bargained hard at the flea market and took it home for $10.  Still a bit pricey but much better than the vendor's original $20.

Today was a good day for some pretty china.  A stack of 5 very nice dinner plates and then 3 delicate and OLD side plates below.  These were all for a donation because it was a charity garage sale.  Husband was delighted because they had free Tim Horton's coffee.  I also found a hummingbird feeder to add to the 3 we already have, and the newest one  is already in place and attracting the little birdies.

I am going to link up to Sophie's flea market finds!  Check the finds this week!



  1. You did WELL - love those plates!

  2. I love the brown floral, well done!

  3. I love your pretties, especially those pretty plates.

  4. Cool finds, especially the vintage sheets.