Friday, June 17, 2011

Finish it up Summer 2011 Challenge!

Meg over at Fashioned By Meg has issued a challenge and offered group support to get those lingering WIPs finished up and off your list of to dos!  By August 15, 2011!  This is so achievable and I am in!  Pop on over to Meg's blog, grab the button and get busy!

My work in progress list includes...
1) Paper pieced scrappy string quilt
2)  Clovers or Card Tricks quilt
3)  Sparkling Cider Vintage Sheet Quilt
4)  Fresh Flowers Quilt (only just cut out!!!)
5)  A hexie pillow cover

And these are all in various states of not done!  Yippee!  This is a great way to get it going on!

1 comment:

  1. Yay! So glad you will be joining! I want to see your Sparkling Cider Quilt. I have that pattern...I love it! I just have to finish all these other things before starting it. ;0p