Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seriously... banana bread with brandy?

It is incredibly rainy today.  A whole new meaning to living on the "wet" coast.  Husband has been unable to mow a lot of the grass, especially in the field and the outer areas because it is just so wet.  The grass is green and lush and could be hay if it would only get sunny!  The hummingbirds are draining the feeders and having inflight buzz fests as they compete for the primo feeder spots.  They are enjoying the flowers too but the feeders offer an undercover, free from rain slurp experience.  And this year, there are more hummingbirds than ever!  Perhaps the wet spring has stalled their migration.

All this rain has kept Husband from the farm work that he would normally be up to at this time of year.  So what did he do?  Made banana bread.  Did he follow a recipe.  Nope.  He combined the recipes.  And added a whack of brandy apparently.  What?  Drunken banana bread... Banana Booze Bread!  And it is the biggest banana bread ever!  I cannot wait to sample it!

And I made a baby quilt for son's lovely girlfriend to give as a baby gift.  A baby boy quilt.  And the gift has been gifted and the baby born.  Here is a link to the baby with the quilt.  Happy day!

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