Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Okay.  I am taking this Finish Up Challenge seriously.  Today, I sewed the Sparkling Cider vintage sheet blocks together.  Sandwiched and spray basted the quilt.  Made the binding and am almost finished quilting this puppy!  It was a rainy day (big surprise!) so I tackled this quilt totally guilt free.  I am trying my hand at loopy loops and once I got going, it went very well.

On our adventures this morning, we did manage to find a quilt shop.  It was such a sacrifice to have to go inside but alas, I did.  I picked up a package of this stuff.  I am hoping it will help use up the big chunks of batting that are not quite big enough for a quilt.  Has anyone tried this before?  I imagine that you fuse uncut sides of the batting together and then you are away to the races!

Have a super fabulous Father's Day tomorrow!


  1. That tape looks interesting - I usually just zig-zag my pieces together. Love the vintage sheet quilt, i might have to start haunting the thrift shops!