Thursday, June 16, 2011

Okay, where is summer? And next quilt on the go.

The clematis is blooming and is it ever so wonderful this year.  Like every year, the white crowned sparrows are nesting in the flowery mess of blossoms.  The clematis climbs Husband's workshop so every time we near the workshop (a.k.a. the Troll House), the sparrows give us what for.  They make a terrific noise in an attempt to scare us away.  It doesn't work but we give them a lot of credit for their intense efforts!

 I picked up this pattern awhile ago.  It looks really great made up.  My fabulous local quilt shop does a great job of making up a quilt to entice the unsuspecting shopper into purchasing their wares!  I think it will go together in a flash and that is the plan.  I used the scrap bags bought last weekend using the Fresh Flowers line and some small dots from my stash.  It was easy to cut and you might notice that this pattern is layer cake friendly.  How nice is that?

I have to say that some patterns have great, simple, clear directions and some do not.  I like the cutting directions to be really straight forward.  Some patterns are not like that.  The cutting instructions are all over that place and make it difficult to determine what the heck you are cutting and why.  This pattern was so easy to follow that you could pretty much get your dog or maybe even your cat to do the cutting.  I love it!!!!

And I took the pictures outside because it is so cold and dark and the lighting over my sewing table needs to be brighter.  Husband is always telling me that my pictures are too dark.  These bright fabrics are trying so hard to be cheerful on a cold and dreary June day.  Oh, where, oh, where is summer?????

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