Tuesday, March 22, 2011

breakin' out the walking foot

I decided to quilt my Cabin in the Hills quilt differently.  I am trying to branch out from free motion stippling.  Husband thought it was a good idea.  Wouldn't want to get in a rut or anything!!!  This quilt seemed to be asking for straight lines with the walking foot following the blocks diagonally.  And... it looks AWESOME!!  I am very, very pleased with it.  I also quilted in the ditch around the inner border.  So all that is left is the binding.  I am off to play cards with the gals tonight so the binding will have to wait until tomorrow.

I also made use of the quilting table that came with my machine.  I find it restrictive when I am stippling but it was actually quite useful when using the walking foot and quilting straight lines.  It helped manage the bulk of the quilt.  And it is just so darned pretty!  Scrappy binding is ready to fly tomorrow first thing.    Have a great rest of your Tuesday!!!!


  1. I think you are right about the straight line stitching! and I love this quilt

  2. I am the other way around. I have only done straight stitching until last week, I tried stippling for the first time. I have always been so afraid of it. Straight line always looks beautiful! Look forward to seeing it all done:)