Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cabin in the hills top-done!

In the late afternoon sunshine
After spending some quality time with my stitch ripper, my Cabin in the Hills quilt top is finished!  Husband thinks it looks like an Easter quilt and that I should find a big Easter Egg to wrap it around.  I think I was inspired by the beautiful spring sunshine and the green, growing grass.  The two solids I used seem to compliment the feedsack prints nicely.  The green is a mystery but I do know that the yellow is Moda Basics-Sunshine.  An apt choice.  And so far, everything is from my stash.  The crazy thing is that I still have quite a stack of the feedsack prints.  And all the little yellow squares... the 'fireplaces" are all in the correct orientation.  Phew!

I cannot believe the crocuses this year.  They are just gorgeous.  Drifts and drifts of purple ones.  This little one is in the middle of the mossy lawn.  And just so you know, we are huge fans of mossy lawns!  Happy spring!

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