Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's official... Spring is here!

Apparently Spring hit town at 4:21 pm, PDT.  So it's official.  And I spent the day sewing.  Husband was prepping for the hardwood floor installation.  What a lot of work that is!  We are living in a construction zone but it is all good because it will be glorious when he is finished.

I spent a lot of time piecing the back for Cabin in the Hills.  I used a lot of the leftovers from the blocks, the 2 extra blocks and a chunk of fabric from the local fabric store.  I bought it on sale months ago and it had a similar vintage vibe to the feedsack prints.  Webster was not being helpful when I was spray basting.  He was freaking out because Husband was bashing away on the fireplace with a chisel upstairs.  Apparently one must undercut things like fireplaces in order to facilitate the placement of the hardwood.  Who knew?  So the whole time I was crawling around on the floor downstairs, Webster was crying and trying to get as close as possible to me.  That meant he kept sitting on the quilt as I was trying to smooth and spray baste.  Not helpful.  But he was just so scared.  He must think that Husband has completely lost his mind with all the ripping out of carpet and bashing away at things.

So here is the back... before spray basting but after Webster walked on it a few times.  And yes, it appears that a chunk is missing from the bottom right corner but there are several inches of extra width.  No worries.

and a whole whack of scrappy binding ready to go.  I think I made way too much.  I didn't really measure closely.

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  1. I love your quilts...I couldn't see the misplaced yellow squares. Funny, you are happy to see spring but here we are loving the cooler weather that autumn brings. Being in the subtropics it is still very warm and everything has gone a bit mouldy but we can have blankets on at night now.