Friday, March 4, 2011

treasures part 2

More treasures from Mum's visit.  Mum is a rag rug weaver.  She weaves on a Swedish Rug loom that my Grampa made for his mother.  This beauty is a spring rug for the back of the couch.  I asked her to make a rug that would look like spring flowers.  She used mostly thrift store sheets in this rug.  She is so clever.

And a stack of quilting cotton that she has gathered at her local thrift store for me. Thanks Mum!  Three of her button jars and a bit of tatted lace from my Gramma.  Gramma passed away a two years ago now and it is just such a gift to receive bits and bobs still from her.  Mum also brought me Gramma's mitten and sock knitting pattern book, complete with Gramma's notes in the margins of the patterns.  As good as a well used recipe book.

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  1. Aren't you a lucky girl to not only still have your mum around but to also have her making lvoely goodies for you and passing other treasures! Love the rag rug! Just gorgeous!