Thursday, March 3, 2011

More treasures...

Well Mum arrived and while she may not have crammed as much stuff as usual into her vehicle, she still managed to bring me more treasures!  Including several button jars!  And I love buttons.  Mum says some of the buttons were my Great Grandmother's and Mum remembers playing with them as a child.  I remember some of them too, from playing with them as a munchkin.  I also received a delivery of quilt magazines from one of my quilting aunties.  Thank you!!!!  And Mum brought some lovely bits of fabric and lace from here and there, some vintage chenille bedspreads and a lovely box of wool fabric scraps.  Mum also made me a spring rag rug.  I feel spoiled.  It's a good feeling.

This magazine though, is to die for.  Apparently it was my Gramma's.  It is in such lovely shape and it is just so incredibly 1939!!!!

 Check out this photo and notice the snazzy little sweater pattern called "Freshette."

and the quilting magazines...

Mum is sitting on the couch hugging her blue quilt.  She likes it.  Smile.  Have an awesome Thursday!

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  1. We love buttons too! And visits from our mum! Happy days.