Monday, March 21, 2011

too much fun!

Spring break could get addictive.  I must say it is nice having some time away from work!  Even though I really do love my work!!!  Yesterday I made some spring-ish covers for the couch pillows.  I did not even take a picture of them.  They got a test drive overnight and I confessed to Mum on the phone last evening that they did not send me.  Today I confessed to Husband that I thought they were pretty bad.  It was the fabric.  Blech.  He told me that I should have noticed the lack of accolades when I finished them yesterday.  I think he might have said, "Oh yeah."  Basically, he did not like them either.  So after a few minutes with my scissors.  I dismantled them completely.  I can use the fabric from the backs for something else and the fronts might just get thrift stored.  So then I made new ones.  I like these better.  Husband agrees.  I used some vintage fabric and some heavy cotton from my stash.  Much better.  Because I did not have that much of the vintage fabric, I did not make the pillows matching.  They each have their own personality.

Then I whipped up this snazzy tote bag using this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew!  I used a remnant from somewhere.  Husband thinks it looks like it is right out of the sixties.  The instructions for the tutorial were awesome and clear.  This is my first ever bag like this and I am sure to use the tutorial again.  Of course, I have made the Amy Butler Messenger Bag for Daughter but that was incredibly complicated.  This Sew Mama Sew bag was just pure sewing fun.  : )  And I might just take this bag with me when I hit San Francisco on Thursday!  I am off to a huge Education conference  and in my free time, I hope to find a fabric store or two!!!

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